The Ehrlichs – WBAL Radio Yesterday

Happy Holidays Everyone

Yesterday was a great show, touched on numerous topics.  They touched on the cost of Illegal Immigration to the tax payers of Maryland, via the study and the Maryland Department of Planning, and you can view the cost Study to Maryland Counties and the State at  Their guests were, Senator Allan Kittleman and Delegate Anthony O’Donnell, both Minority Leaders.  Great questions posed.  Again, as I have stated, E Verify and the ACORN investigation is key in Maryland.  Since the Democrats in our Assembly rely so heavily on ACORN, and the investigation is ongoing, it makes things kinda difficult for Democratically elected Maryland States Attorney Doug Gansler.  I just don’t get it, what is so difficult about prosecuting an organization who has been operating in Maryland Illegally for 3 years without a business license, and has deep ties in to the Maryland Assembly. 

Also, the Inter County Connector was brought up and the use of Tolls, one gentleman called in and was not sure how it was going to be handled, whether electronically or through EZ Pass.  It concerned him, because, what if he has relatives coming in from out-of-town and there are no booths, but yet, you will get fined for not having a pass?  Governor Ehrlich expounding a bit on it, stating that, he had not been following it on a daily basis, but was pretty sure that they had a solution in hand. 

Also brought up, from one caller, with whom I agreed with, why doesn’t Governor Ehrlich run against Barbara Mikulski for US Senate, to me a no brainer, she needs to go and has a horrible voting record in the Senate.  She is old and out of touch, but holds a 70 percent approval rating amongst her voters.  These are voters, who for years have overlooked what she has done in her voting record, but because she is a Hon, they continue to vote for her, no matter what the voting record is.  She is for the Healthcare Legislation they are trying to push through, that would also have your tax dollars partially pay for abortions whether your Pro Life or Pro Choice.  As of now, in the Republican race, we have 3 vying to compete against her, Jim Rutledge, Eric Wargotz, and Corrogan Vaughn, all ample choices. 

District 1 was brought up and the failures of Frank Kratovil again.  He is a lost cause to those who voted him in.  He is currently trailing Andy Harris in the Polls by 13 percent, and only a miracle will save him.  Good news for District 1.

The question again came up about the Governor’s options, and the same line is used, all options are on the table, but in my opinion, after O Malleys accusatory comments regarding how the state was left in worse shape when he left as opposed to the new MANAGEMENT now really chewed me at the hide.  I was so taken back by O’Malleys comments that I had to email him last night and remind him, who has grown the budget by over 30 percent since he has been in office and who has furloughed and laid off state workers, all while keeping the funding to his pet projects.  Maryland faces nearly 5 billion in deficits over the next 2 years. 

The issue of taxes came up again, apparently Senate Leader Mike Miller and House Leader Mike Busch would like to add another taxation on Marylanders, this time on Alcohol.  You know, if you want to earn revenue in your state, you don’t keep taxing the citizens, it drives them to other states to purchase their goods, example, Governor O’Malley and the Assembly was hoping the increase in the Tobacco Tax by 1 dollar a pack would bring in revenue, all projected, to which O’Malley created new programs with, but guess what, instead of Marylander’s smoking more, they are smoking less and purchasing across state lines.

The Regressive Millionaires tax, which, during a National Recession has back fired, companies have moved out. Virginia and PA and Delaware are profiting from Maryland Business’s.  Thanks MOM. 

Lastly, brought up, the Illegal Immigration issue in Maryland.  How they have drained our system to the tune of billions of dollars.  O’Malley calls these individuals, which I call border jumping criminals, “New Americans”.  Brad Botwin from Help Save Maryland came on to the show to speak about how his group and other activists, who are working in conjunction are making strides in Maryland, Frederick County has the 287g Program working, Anne Arundel  has E Verify instituted and Talbott and Washington Counties appear to be next for E Verify. 

The Minority Leaders intend on bringing back to the assembly a new E Verify Bill, probably similar to House Bill HB 502 which was defeated, mostly due to the Delegates in PG and Montgomery County.  You see, this is where Casa De Maryland resides and these Casa Delegates as I like to call them, cater to them.  Why, because most of the delegates from those counties are of Hispanic Decent.  Gustavo Torres, Executive Director of Casa De Maryland, at an immigration reform community meeting, along with Identity Inc, Catholic Charities Legal and Episcopal Faith Based Group, are lobbying for instate tuition, amnesty and assimilation, and will stop at nothing to bring these Illegals into our communities.  I attended this meeting, I asked two questions, one to Torres, who is going to pay for all the background checks of these Illegal Aliens you would have here as citizens, two, I asked Candance Kattar of Identity, Undocumented (their term), means Illegal and Illegal means they are breaking the law, correct?

Lastly, the Stalled Slots Issue in Maryland.  Senate Leader Mike Miller stated this week that we need to go back to the drawing board and start this process all over again.  AGAIN? Couldn’t you get it right the first time?  Well actually no, they could not come to a consensus in the Assembly on Slots, therefore, they put it to a Constitutional Referendum for the voters to decide.  Well the voters decided, did not read the language of the Proposal, and now have screwed themselves.  Meanwhile, Jefferson County, WVA home of Charlestown Race Course and Slots and has passed Table Gaming.  The increase in revenue will go to School Construction and Funding Education as well as, give teachers raises.  Pennsylvania has a Table Gaming bill going as well, this too will pass.  Maryland, your 200 years behind the times, Money, Businesses, all leaving the state, why?  Because when Governor Ehrlich, who is Repbulican was in Office, they were hell-bent on making sure his perfect slots plan did not go through without raising taxes as a compromise and Ehrlich said no.  So, here we are, 7 years later, no revenue, huge deficits, Governor O’Malley continues to spend, all the while begging Obama for a second Bailout.  When does it end?  Hopefully in 2010. 

So round and round we go, where it stops, we will all know, soon enough.


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