Governor Martin O’Malleys Town Hall Meeting and other Ramblings

Not only was his Town hall Meeting joke, it appeared be very scripted.  Did not touch on any of the issues that are causing the state of Maryland to fall further down to pits of hell, and I mean fast.  His in abilities to manage a budget, listen to the voters who employ him, shows how much this man has done as failure in the history of Maryland Politics.  His cronies, Mike Miller and Mike Busch have totally monopolized the Assembly, even bribing other assembly men with promises, that, if you give me your vote for this bill, I will give you what you want.  Senator Donald Munson has become a pro at this, the Republican Senator has gladly given his vote to Mike Miller for Democratic Legislation to pass, he also gave his vote up for Speed Cameras and the Millionaires Tax and 1.5 million in Funding to Casa De Maryland.  Republicans like these are not good for Maryland and must be voted out. 

While Governor O Malley continues to furlough State Workers, and Lay Off state workers, he is not even touching his own staff, which is the largest in the country.  He was looking to add another position to his staff, The Hispanic Czar, because we deal so much with the Hispanic Community, well, hello, how about you do your job first, and that is, cut taxes, cut out our spending, and do the right thing.  You have embarrassed Maryland and we are looked down upon. 

The following is the article from the Washington Post on O Malleys Town Hall meeting and what an embarrassment it was.  You see, it was using U Stream to broadcast over the internet so that he could receive questions from those of us not there.  2 questions were selected from the internet, none of which had to do with the budget.  More lies from O Malley.  His meddling in Constellation Energys deal with EDF in order to stop the CEO from obtaining what was duly his, his bonus money, so he sicked his pets on to CEG, The Public Service Commission who tried to play hard ball, only to lose out in the end, and hey, guess what, BGE customers get a one time 100 dollar credit.  Woohooo.  Since O Malley has been in office and deregulation came to an end, the rates to all BGE customers went up by over 70 percent.  An economics person would tell you, you can’t hold rates down for almost 10 years and not expect them to go up.  So, one of Martys promises was, I Will STOP THE BGE Rate hike, which we all knew would not happen, but the voters of Maryland believed him, and the BGE customers suffered because of another lie by the Governor of Maryland.  This man could not even run a city, he went through 5 or 6 police commissioners.  He could not bring the crime rate down, as he PROMISED.  You see, the man is about the man, nothing else, only his own future.  This is a man who backed Hillary Clinton, then begged Obama for money to help the state.  You get the picture of the man now?

O’Malley “virtually” addresses education, marriage

There were more audio and video streaming glitches than headlines coming out of Gov. Martin O’Malley’s “virtual town hall meeting” broadcast on the Web Wednesday night from a Baltimore County community center.

O’Malley (D) — who fielded questions from a live audience, as well as those submitted via his campaign Web site, Facebook and Twitter — seemed less resolute than in the past about maintaining state funding of teacher pensions.

Although he reiterated his preference for the current system — under which the state picks up the tab for the retirement benefits of county teachers — O’Malley acknowledged it is a “huge expense” and that some lawmakers want to shift at least part of that cost from the state to the counties.

“Stay tuned,” he said. “It comes up every year.”

O’Malley then cautioned that shifting more costs onto counties seemed “nearly impossible” in the current recession, which has undermined local tax revenue as much as that for the state.

O’Malley also reiterated his preference for civil unions as a middle ground in the debate over legalizing gay marriage.

“I think civil unions are the way to go,” O’Malley said.

He said the state should focus on ensuring that children of gay couples are treated fairly and “protecting rights equally” in a broader sense.

“I don’t have a crystal ball,” O’Malley said. “I don’t know when civil unions might happen in Maryland.”

The governor also said school systems should be prepared to cut administrative costs — not a new suggestion — and confirmed his plans to introduce legislation to require mediation before home foreclosures.

O’Malley, who has yet to draw a high-profile Republican challenger but has been aggressively raising money in recent months, chose to utilize UStream, which advertises itself as a free service paid for by ads.

Among those that appeared below the governor’s video stream: “Washington Online Dating: Get matched to sexy singles in the Washington area”

The site also showed questions posed via Twitter, which were monopolized by several people less than friendly to O’Malley.

Among them:

Matt_Pruitt Hey #omalley Thousands are laid off and furloughed and you give illegals billions!

augieboy Hey #omalley seems very scripted for a forum billed as ‘anything goes’

cecilcalvert Hey #omalley this is a farce. a disappointment to marylanders and not answering the tough questions

— John Wagner and Aaron C. Davis


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